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Every step of joy in dance is an outward expression of your passion in dance.

A sensational dance can only be experienced where there is joy and passion in dancing.


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Dance yourself to wellness with Zumba Cardio & Calorie-burning Fitness Programme!
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Pre-Ballet Class


Body Wellness through Adult Ballet Fitness

An introduction level to ballet, young children are introduced to the basics of ballet using an imaginative approach, focusing on coordination, music and imagination and simple stretching movements.



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Why achieve fitness through Ballet? Ballet exercises build poise, grace, improve your posture and correct body alignment. It helps to tone & lengthen your core muscles resulting in a leaner & more elegant body shape. With soothing music, you will release tension and feel relaxed.


We invite you to enjoy dance at Joyful Steps at a pace you can manage and feel confident.


2011 Year End Concert presents

" Mission of Love "